Introducing Trivel’s new heavy duty cargo electric tricycle: the Prospec!

Here is your ultimate ecofriendly, intensive electric transportation solution.

It can carry up to 1,100lbs and be used 365 days a year. That’s right, nothing can stop it, not even rugged roads, wind, rain, or snow!

Thanks to its unique design, you can get on and off it as many times a day as you need without worrying about ergonomic injuries. Once on the road, its powerful engine will take you where you need, and its performance battery will enable you to ride up to 100 km before the next recharge.

The Prospec tricycle is a beast all on its own, but you can choose to equipe it with a Shimano Nexus or Enviolo Extreme system.

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  • Can be used in any weather
  • Fully enclose drivetrain
  • Can carry up to 1,100lbs
  • Advanced design to avoid ergonomic injuries
  • Powerful motor and battery for up to 100km autonomy
  • 5 assistance modes, as well as a backward mode
  • Hydraulic braking system with 4.5mm disks
  • Low maintenance transmission
  • Helps protect the environment!
  • Carry heavy loads or materials on working site
  • Deliver packages or food in an urban area
  • Transport equipment and tools in a plant
  • Use as a taxi to carry up to 2 adults
  • Whatever your needs!

Highly performant and safe

the Prospect has with 5 power-assist modes, an accelerator, a backward functionality, a heavy-duty hydraulic braking system inspired by motorized sports, and a lever with parking lock. In other words, it’s a breeze to operate and ride, and makes your life much easier.

That’s not all. This industrial electric tricycle will help you get things done in a timely manner thanks to a low-maintenance integrated transmission enabling smooth speed changes.

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