Maya Tricycle

An adaptive tricycle specially designed for little ones !

  • Orthopedic trike
  • Perfect for kids ages 3-6
  • High level of craftsmanship
  • North American-based design and testing
  • Secure & stable
  • Friendly and accessible customer support, even by phone!
Maya trike Back

An easy-to-pedal trike with a host of practical features.

Our Maya tricycle is designed for little ones from 3 to 6 years old. It offers excellent stability and multiple customizable options thanks to which it can adapt to each child, no matter their challenges.

User manual

Fun, compact and easy to adjust.

This adaptive tricycle helps kids participate in family rides and achieve their physical therapy goals while having fun!

      • Very stable
      • Easy to mount
      • Easy to adjust
      • Indoor/Outdoor riding
  • Weight: ~ 18 kg
  • Fixed or free gear
  • Customizable
    • Length: 40 in.
    • Width: 40 in.
    • Height: 28 in.
    • Inseam: 12-20 in.
    • Front wheel: 12 in.
    • Rear wheel: 12 in.

Security and comfort at every ride

Thinking our Maya model could be a good fit for your child ? Would like to learn more about our orthopedic trikes ?
Reach out to us anytime and we'll be happy to answer all of your questions.

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