Which E-Azteca electric tricycle is best for you: fat tires or regular tires?

So, you are considering purchasing your first electric trike, (and a Trivel E-Azteca no less!). Congratulations, it will change your life! Indeed, Trivel’s electric tricycles for adults, the E-Azteca Fat Tire and the E-Azteca Regular Tire, are the most sturdy, reliable and fun adult trikes on the market, not to mention that they look pretty cool too!

It is important however to choose wisely between the two models since they both offer a different experience for different types of riding.

Here is a checklist to help you determine which trike is best for you.

The E-Azteca Regular Tire is the best electric adult tricycle option if you:

  • prefer long rides on paved roads and bike paths
  • would rather ride when it’s warm and sunny outside (people ride during the winter you ask? See below)
  • are looking for an efficient ride energy-wise (thanks to its Schwalbe Big Apple puncture-free high-pressure tires)
  • want to experience the two-wheel bike performance on a three-wheel trike
  • live or ride in a city or suburbia
  • want to impress your friends and family; because, let’s face it, it’s awesome!

The E-Azteca Fat Tire is the best electric trike option if you:

  • like off-road biking (trails, mountain, etc.)
  • are into winter biking – what’s a few centimeters of snow, right?
  • prefer unbeaten path adventures
  • are comfortable riding a bulky but sturdy tricycle
  • live or ride in a rural area (as it is not ideal for paved roads or regular bike paths)
  • are looking for a smooth slow ride (thanks to its Kenda sport low-pressure 4” wide tires)
  • don’t mind getting a little dirty on an outing
  • want to impress your friends and family; because, again, it’s awesome!

Think of it this way: The E-Azteca Regular Tire is the perfect electric tricycle for most of us that live in urban areas while the E-Azteca Fat Tire is for the adventurous ones or those who live in rural areas.

There is no doubt that the E-Azteca will bring you a ton of joy, but the right model for you will make all the difference.

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