The Stab Fixe is a versatile wheel-stabilizing system providing impressive stability to your bike. It enables riders who require greater stability to safely enjoy their rides. The Stab Fixe system is designed to fit bikes with 20” wheels or larger. Equipped with 12” wheels with pneumatic tires, it offers safe, comfortable and stable handling.



The Dyna Stab stabilizer provides optimal support for people of all ages. Whether you are learning how to ride a bike or simply want to feel safe and stable on your bike, the Dyna Stab will meet your need. Robust and reliable, it is equipped with 12” wheels.

The Dyna Stab is available in two versions :

– for bikes with 20” wheels
– for bikes with 24”+ wheels

In addition, the Dyna Stab is designed to allow you to quickly uninstall it from your bike, for easy transport in your car.

**Only offered in Quebec**

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