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We introduced the T350 model as one of our most recent and innovative special needs trike designed to help disabled kids aged from 10 years old and up. As an awesome therapy and recreational tool, the T350 allows kids to ride along their friends and family all the while reaching their therapy objectives! Just like its little brother the T250, the T350 has the longest life cycle for a trike on the market. Simply remove and adjust components and the T350 will adapt as a child grows into adulthood! This means a child only needs these two adaptive tricycles, the T250 and T350, all throughout their life!


  • Long-lasting
  • Stable
  • Smooth ride
  • Almost too easy to adjust
  • Optimal size
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy to tow
  • Easy to load
  • Fun!
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Product Description

Our T350 model is a practical and fun special-needs trike. Just like its little brother the T-250, it can be adapted by easily adding, removing or adjusting components without any tools! The T350 model has the longest life cycle on the market: it can adapt to a young rider from 10 years old up into adulthood. With only 2 tricycles, the T250 and T350, you can suit a growing child’s needs all throughout their life. With an optimal width of 30”, the T350 can easily fit through any standard doorframe and can thus be used in a therapy centre, at school or at home. In addition, you can carry it in your car, thanks to its simple disassembly mechanism. Although it is mainly designed to help kids with special needs improve their movement coordination, muscle strength and balancing skills, to name a few, the T350 is also a great recreational tool that allows them to ride, have fun and interact with friends and family. Also, you can pull this tricycle with an optional tow bar, if required; all you need to do is install the bar behind a bike and switch manually between fixed or freewheel gearing systems. The T350 can be set at 6 or 18 gears and has more than 20 adjustable and removable options; it can suit any disabled child’s specific physical needs.


trivel-accessories-drilled-pedal-crankDrilled pedal crank

With this option, we can install pedals on the right position to optimize leg rotation.

trivel-accessories-chest-harnessChest harness

This removable chest harness promotes excellent upper body support. Its butterfly design allows children to maintain an upright position, but still move their arms freely.

trivel-accessories-adjustable-headrestAdjustable headrest

A simple twist of a knob is needed to adjust this headrest vertically and ensure optimal support.

trivel-accessories-oshaped-handlebarsO-shaped handlebars

These handlebars make it easier for riders to steer their T350 on their own. It helps kids with disabilities keep a firm grip on the handlebars.

trivel-accessories-trunk-support-2Trunk support

We can install any additional thoracic and hip pads for extra support and stability.

trivel-accessories-seat-adjustmentSeat adjustment

All you need to do is twist a small knob to adjust the seat horizontally or vertically.

trivel-accessories-adjustable-handlebarsAdjustable handlebars

You can adjust the height and angle of one or both sides of these handlebars.

trivel-accessories-backrestAdapted backrest

We can install an adjustable backrest to suit a rider’s requirements or a double backrest for tall kids.

trivel-accessories-parking-brakesParking brakes

These brakes are essential to safely transfer a child from their wheelchair or other equipment to the T350. The trike stays firmly put.

trivel-accessories-speed-reducerSpeed reducer

This component helps prevent any sudden and dangerous speed surges caused by spasticity, for example.

trivel-accessories-glove-velcroGloves with Velcro patch

These comfortable and cool gloves are designed to help kids with disabilities hold a firm grip on the handlebars.

trivel-accessories-tow-barTow bar

Fixed behind a regular bicycle, this tow bar allows it to pull the T350.

trivel-accessories-abduction-pommelAbduction pommel

For maximum stability and comfort, the abduction pommel helps a child with disabilities maintain the right leg position.

trivel-accessories-chest-harnessRemovable chest harness

This butterfly-designed chest harness is removable as well as adjustable and provides extra core support without impeding arm movement.


Any type of pedals can be customized and installed on the T350, depending on the rider’s needs.

trivel-accessories-direction-springDirection spring

The direction spring prevents a child from oversteering the T350, for a safer and smoother ride.

trivel-accessories-abduction-barAbduction bar

The abduction bar helps a rider maintain the right leg and hip position.


We provide many seating options for all our riders. An optional gel cover can be added for extra comfort and stability.

trivel-accessories-seat-adjustmentSeat adjustment

To adjust the seat horizontally or vertically, simply twist the knob!

trivel-accessories-rear-steering-barRear steering bar

We can install this steering bar and handle behind the T350 to allow parents, therapists or caregivers to discreetly steer the tricycle.

trivel-accessories-fixed-freewheel-system-switchFreewheel or fixed gearing

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to switch between gearing systems with a simple mechanism. No tools required! This comes handy if you want to tow the T350.


Bike weight77 lbs
Total length70”
Frame height42”
Wheel size20”

Size chart

User age10+ years old
Leg length (measurement from greater trochanter to floor)*26” to 45”
Maximum load250 lbs
*Please refer to the body illustration.