Who is Trivel

Trivel is a Quebec-based adaptive tricycles manufacturer. Our innovative products are created and made by local passionate craftsmen, who always strive to discover better ways to meet our clients’ needs. We have basic tricycle models to which we can add specific and customized options to ensure a child is safe, comfortable and ready to reach their physical and cognitive potential and simply have fun riding with friends and family!

More about Trivel

At Trivel, we know every case is unique and are proud to design tricycles that can be adapted to any child with special needs:

  1. We offer many customizable options to suit a rider’s requirements.
  2. We can meet with you and your child or patient for a free trial to identify the right product for them.
  3. Our products help improve strength and coordination, and they increase happiness!
  4. Most of our models are adjustable manually; no tools required!
  5. Our tricycles grow with your child and adapt to his changing needs.
  6. Every tricycle is built to last.
  7. We offer an excellent customer service.
Since 2005, Trivel has been designing and manufacturing orthopedic tricycles. In 2014, Trivel was acquired by Au Coin du Pédaleur, established in Repentigny, Quebec, since 1970. As a result of this acquisition, we have added Trivel’s innovative products to our already impressive tricycle portfolio. For more than 25 years now, our dedicated team has been manufacturing adaptive tricycles tailored to kids (of all ages!) with special needs to bring them joy and happiness.
At Trivel, we create and manufacture adaptive tricycles that kids of all ages with disabilities can ride on their own, just like any other kids, with their friends, parents and siblings. We want to bring the simple joy of moving!


“Sophie has been using Trivel tricycles since her childhood. She loves to go riding in the neighbourhood. We can even ride in wintertime when it’s warm enough and are thinking of using a mechanism for her to use it inside when it’s too cold, too windy or there is too much snow. The tricycle is of capital importance for many disabled kids and adults as it helps them become more active and gain more control over their own lives. It has been wonderful for Sophie.”
Mom of 17-year-old Sophie, suffering for moderate cerebral palsy
Verdun, Quebec
Imagine offering your child the simple joy of riding with their mom and dad, siblings and friends, just like any other kid. At Trivel, we can help you do that, thanks to our innovative and adaptive tricycles. Just like you, we want to bring joy to your child’s life! Not only our trikes are a great orthopedic tool with many therapeutic benefits, it is also an awesome and fun recreational tool to help children of all ages enjoy life on three wheels!
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